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Dr. Caroline M. Burns, PhD (University of Sydney, Business School), B. Bus (Property), B. Arch.

Caroline M. Burns, PhD (University of Sydney Business School), B. Bus (Property), B. Arch.

I believe in Asia’s potential to lead the next generation of innovation that will profoundly influence the way we organise and interact.  I am passionate about exploring how these changes may affect the built environments in which we will work, live and play in future.


Caroline is widely recognised as a leader in the workplace and real estate profession, with over 20 years experience in corporate real estate and workplace transformation for organisations. She invests in building long term relationships with the people she works with and actively participates in the global corporate real estate community; Caroline is a trusted adviser, coach and “go-to person” for clients, colleagues and co-workers.

Her strategic mindset and entrepreneurial approach have been recognised not only by clients but also by a number of private company boards on which she has been both executive and non-executive director.

Caroline has a PhD in Organisational Strategy and Corporate Real Estate from the University of Sydney Business School, and degree qualifications in business, land economics and architecture.  She is a peer reviewer for two leading academic journals in real estate and design.

Caroline has lived, worked and travelled throughout Asia and the Middle East since graduating from university in Australia.  She currently resides in Singapore when she’s not at 30,000 feet.

If you would like to know more about Caroline’s personal philosophy and motivation for creating this online ideas library, she shares what gets her out of bed each day (in addition to a decent cup of coffee!) here.

You can also see her full profile or connect on LinkedIn here

Caroline is also the Managing Director of  Workplace Revolution, an independent consultancy and community committed to creating competitive advantage for clients through corporate real estate and workplace strategy, using evidence, understanding and imagination.

Sharing with a Community of Partners, Caroline is again changing the way.

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