Matured in Asia. Made in Australia.

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Pamir Highway, Tajikistan

The Silk Road and Spice Routes. This time in Tajikistan.

I am a digital nomad and compulsive explorer.

I started travelling Asia as a backpacker fresh out of university in Australia, and since then have crisscrossed the world for both work and leisure, and pride myself on being not only well-travelled but also well-matured!

I have lived and worked in Asia for half my working life and am fascinated by different perspectives on the value of mutual trust and reciprocal relationships, on effective leadership and hierarchy, on community harmony versus individual empowerment, and on work-life balance.

These cultural and social nuances influence how we (will) work individually and collectively as organisations.  And they should fundamentally inform the design of the places we choose to work in, if we want those places to function effectively.

Through my work and travels I’ve also come to understand how culture and context shape the way we react to change – including new technologies – and how we respond by adapting the way we work.

This relationship between human perceptions, behaviours and the physical environment, provided the motivation for my recently-completed PhD thesis. My research involved studying a select number of corporate law firms to examine how workplace interacts with other organisational assets such as culture, brand and competitive strategy to enhance (or inhibit) employee and firm performance.

I look forward to sharing key insights with you from my (ongoing) research and continuing professional experience through this website.  I hope some of the articles will stimulate you to contribute your ideas and questions, and to extend these discussions to your network.

In the meantime, if you have any comments or suggestions for related topics you would like me to explore, please let me know using the contact mechanism here.